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  • Easily browse, test, and assign flash patterns

    Scan-Lock+ by Whelen

    Scan-Lock+ is the simplest way to change Whelen flash patterns. Designed for optimal convenience, Scan-Lock+ features an easy to use interface and utilizes a Bluetooth connection.

    Download the Scan-Lock+ app and browse, test, and assign Whelen flash patterns right from your phone.

    Get the Scan-Lock+ App

    The Scan-Lock+ app is available for Apple and Android devices. Download or update the Scan-Lock+ app for free from the App Store or Google Play.

    Scan-Lock+ Features

    Scroll and Update Flash Patterns

    Using a Scan-Lock+ Programmer, pair any compatible Whelen lighthead with the Scan-Lock+ app and easily browse, test, and assign flash patterns.

    Test Flash Patterns

    Preview any flash pattern for up to 20 seconds.

    Easily Access the Steady Pattern

    Enable the steady option right from the top of the flash pattern list.

    Preview any flash pattern for up to 20 seconds

    Supported Whelen Lightheads

    Scan-Lock+ is compatible with any Whelen lighthead that supports Scan-Lock+ or the original Scan-Lock.

    Scan-Lock+ Programmer

    Scan-Lock+ communicates to a Scan-Lock+ Programmer via Bluetooth connection.

    A Scan-Lock+ Programmer is required to use this app. To find out how to purchase a Scan-Lock+ Programmer, visit our Where to Buy page.

    Enable the steady option at the top of the flash pattern list


    To Set Up Your Scan-Lock+ Programmer with the Scan-Lock+ App

  • Connect the Scan-Lock+ Programmer to your lighthead
  • Enable Bluetooth on your device
  • Open the Scan-Lock+ app
  • Select the Scan-Lock+ Programmer from the device list. The blue checkmark will indicate it has paired successfully
  • Select the Scan-Lock+ Programmer once again and you will be prompted to disconnect

  • To Assign a Flash Pattern

  • Use the Pattern Index to scroll and select the desired pattern
  • Select the correct protocol that matches the Scan-Lock feature of your lighthead
  • Select 'Assign Pattern'

  • To Test a Flash Pattern

  • Once a flash pattern has been assigned, select ‘Test’ to perform a 20 second trial of the pattern
  • Contact Scan-Lock+