Whelen. Trusted to Perform for over 60 Years

The story of Whelen is about engineering excellence, dedication to quality, and constant innovation.

The Whelen Brand

The Whelen Brand

Whelen People

Whelen People

Whelen History

Whelen History

Whelen Engineering –a global leader in the emergency warning industry –has been trusted to perform since 1952.

Whelen designs and manufactures reliable and powerful warning lights, white illumination lighting, sirens, controllers, and high-powered warning systems for Automotive, Aviation, and Mass Notification industries worldwide.

Founded in 1952 by George W Whelen in his garage in Deep River, Connecticut, Whelen now encompasses two state-of-the-art facilities in Connecticut and New Hampshire. Whelen has the largest design staff in the industry and over 1,500 employees, all dedicated to producing products that people count on when lives are on the line.

Every part of every Whelen product is proudly designed and manufactured in America and is tested on-site to meet the toughest industry certifications. All Whelen products are proven in the harshest environments, to make sure everyone goes home at night.

On the road, in the air, and around the world, Whelen is trusted to be seen, trusted to be heard, trusted to perform.


In 1952, George W Whelen invented the first rotating aircraft "anti-collision" beacon in his garage in Deep River, Connecticut. These beacons rapidly earned a remarkable reputation for quality and durability, and he soon created a magnetically mounted beacon for ambulances and police vehicles.

Today, Whelen's advanced LED technology and powerful lights and sirens are trusted to keep people safe all over the world. Whelen is continuously innovating to ensure their products are of the highest quality, with the same passion and pride shown by George W Whelen over sixty-five years ago.

Corporate Capabilities

  • Two manufacturing facilities totaling over 800,000 square feet
  • The largest staff of design engineers in the industry
  • Partnerships with OEMs for new vehicle design and product integration
  • In-house plastics, hard-coating, metalizing, and sheet metal fabrication
  • On-site environmental and performance testing lab improves the quality, efficiency, and speed of product development
  • Acoustic anechoic sound chamber for audio testing
  • Numerous industry certifications
  • On-site testing facility for sales and technical personnel
  • A global network of sales, training, and service personnel

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Design & Engineering

The largest staff of design engineers in the industry. Many of our engineers are fire volunteers and EMTs. They know first-hand the critical need for innovative, life-saving products.

Injection & Vacuum Molding

1,600 molds, 38 molding machines – from 30- to 2,000-ton capacity, 20 million parts produced yearly. Vacuum machines produce irregularly shaped components not suitable for injection molding.

Electronics Manufacturing

Surface mount and through-hole circuit boards are manufactured, assembled, and tested in-circuit.


Robotic and laser cutting and drilling, robotic bending cells for stand-alone operation. All machine parts are produced and maintained by automated production machine shops in New Hampshire and Connecticut.

Finished Processes

The hard-coating of lenses and powder coating of housings makes them resistant to weather and abrasion. Metalizing reflectors add reflectivity and help prevent corrosion and oxidation.

Production Machine Shop

State-of-the-art milling machines, CNC lathes, and screw machines make the precision parts required for our products.

Quality Control & Testing

Strict quality control is maintained throughout the manufacturing process. Certified on-site test labs facilitate product development and shorten lead times.

Repair, Service & Training

Whelen’s goal is to get a product repaired and back to the customer within 24 hours. Authorized service facilities are located around the globe. Training is available not only at the Chester, CT, training facility, but also at sites around the country. All Whelen Authorized Managing Sales Representatives and technicians return to the plant several times a year for new product introductions and advanced training.

Manufacturing Facilities

Chester, CT

Chester, CT

Charlestown, NH

Charlestown, NH

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